Morpholinos for splice modificatio

Morpholinos for splice modification



The murine Hox-3.5 gene has been mapped and linked genomically to a position 18 kb 3′ of its most 5′ locus neighbour, Hox-3.4, on chromosome 15. The sequence of the Hox-3.5 cDNA, together with the position of the gene within the locus, show it to be a paralogue of Hox-2.6, Hox-1.4 and Hox-4.2. The patterns of embryonic expression for the Hox-3.5 gene are examined in terms of three rules, proposed to relate a Hox gene's expression pattern to its position within the locus. The anterior boundaries of Hox-3.5 expression in the hindbrain and prevertebral column lie anterior to those of Hox-3.4 and all other, more 5′-located Hox-3 genes. Within the hindbrain, the Hox-3.5 boundary is seen to lie posterior to that of its paralogue, Hox-2.6, by a distance equal to about the length of one rhombomere. Patterns of Hox-3.5 expression within the oesophagus and spinal cord, but not the testis, are similar to those of other Hox-3 genes, Hox-3.3 and Hox-3.4.