Morpholinos for splice modificatio

Morpholinos for splice modification



We report on the characterization of the first loss-of-function mutation in a Drosophila CREB gene, dCREB-A. In the epidermis, dCREB-A is required for patterning cuticular structures on both dorsal and ventral surfaces since dCREB-A mutant larvae have only lateral structures around the entire circumference of each segment. Based on results from epistasis tests with known dorsal/ventral patterning genes, we propose that dCREB-A encodes a transcription factor that functions near the end of both the DPP- and SPI-signaling cascades to translate the corresponding extracellular signals into changes in gene expression. The lateralizing phenotype of dCREB-A mutants reveals a much broader function for CREB proteins than previously thought.