Morpholinos for splice modificatio

Morpholinos for splice modification


Notch signaling: simplicity in design, versatility in function
Emma R. Andersson, Rickard Sandberg, Urban Lendahl


Notch signaling is evolutionarily conserved and operates in many cell types and at various stages during development. Notch signaling must therefore be able to generate appropriate signaling outputs in a variety of cellular contexts. This need for versatility in Notch signaling is in apparent contrast to the simple molecular design of the core pathway. Here, we review recent studies in nematodes, Drosophila and vertebrate systems that begin to shed light on how versatility in Notch signaling output is generated, how signal strength is modulated, and how cross-talk between the Notch pathway and other intracellular signaling systems, such as the Wnt, hypoxia and BMP pathways, contributes to signaling diversity.

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