Table 1.

Nomenclature and putative gene functions for molecular markers used in this study

Protein name usedDrosophila gene namePutative functionMarker used to detectReference
Crb (Crb-complex) crumbs (crb) Transmembrane protein; establishment and/or maintenance of cell polarityApical staining in epithelial cells Tepass et al., 1990
Dlt (Crb-complex) discs lost (dlt) PDZ protein; interacts with CrbApical staining in epithelial cells Bhat et al., 1999
β-Heavy-spectrin (βH-Spec) karst (kst) Actin cross-linking; plasma membrane organizationApical staining in epithelial cells Thomas and Kiehart, 1994
Baz (Par-complex) bazooka (baz) Par3 homolog, PDZ proteinApical staining in epithelial cells Wodarz et al., 2000
Dlg (Lgl-complex) discs large (dlg) MAGUK proteinBasolateral staining in epithelial cells Woods and Bryant, 1991
Nrt neurotactin (nrt) Plasma membrane proteinBasolateral staining in epithelial cells Hortsch et al., 1990
Orb oo 18 RNA-binding protein (orb) Cytoplasmic polyadenylation element binding proteinMTOC in early oocytes Lantz et al., 1994
Nod-β-Gal(an artificial gene; contains head domain of Nod, coiled coil domain of kinesin and a β-galactosidase reporter)MTOC in early oocytes Clark et al., 1997