Table 3.

Dauer formation at 25°C of various mutants without and after killing XXXL/R cells

Strain*Dauer-like larvaeDauer larvaen
Without killing XXXL/R cells
    Wild type(N2)0%0%370
    sdf-9; daf-376.6%0%312
    daf-16; sdf-90%0%347
    sdf-9; daf-120%0%341
After killing XXXL/R cells
    Wild type(N2)31.4%2.3%86
Mock kill (control)
    Wild type(N2)0%0%24
  • * All the strains used for the laser surgery experiments carry the extrachromosomal array, Ex[sdf-9p::GFP1(pKOG8), gcy-10::GFP]

  • Total number of animals