Table 4.

Mosaic analysis for the identification of sdf-9-expressing cells

gpa-4::GFP ASIttx-3::GFP AIYgcy-8::GFP AFD T23G5.5::GFP CEPDegl-4.a::GFP IL1V
GFP marker marked cellsLRLRLRLRLR
Mosaic animals with only left-hand sdf-9::RFP
    (1) Animals with marker GFP171618186812688
    (2) Animals without marker GFP0111420633
    (3) Total17171919101012121111
Mosaic animals with only right-hand sdf-9::RFP
    (4) Animals with marker GFP34451083161616
    (5) Animals without marker GFP54322413000
    (6) Total8877121216161616
Linkage with left-hand sdf-9::RFP
Linkage with right-hand sdf-9::RFP