Table 1.

Molecular lesions of unc-71 mutants

AlleleNucleotide changeAmino acid changeDomains
ju161 GGA→AGAG149RProdomain
ju156 170 bp deletionG149Prodomain
ay64 GAT→AATD461NDisintegrin
ay46, ay51 CTC→CCCL471PDisintegrin
ay17, ad487 TGT→TATC477YDisintegrin
ay49 CGA→TGAR490opalDisintegrin
ju160 GAC→AACD504NDisintegrin
ju159 TGT→TATC509YDisintegrin
ay45, ay50 CAA→TAAQ533ochreCys rich
ay52 TGG→TGAW550opalCys rich
ju194 GGA→TGAG551opalCys rich
e541 GCG→ACGA557TCys rich
ju157 GGA→GAAG594ECys rich
ay7 CAA→TAAQ623ochreCys rich
ay47 TCG→TTGS628LCys rich
ay44 TGT→AGTC687SEGF like
ay48 CCA→CTAP902LCytoplasmic
ju255 AGA→AAAR990KCytoplasmic
  • ju mutations were isolated in the screen for axon guidance mutants using juIs76 [Punc-25GFP] marker (Huang et al., 2002). ay mutants were isolated in sem-5 background (Chen et al., 1997). The underlined letters correspond to the nucleotide alterations. The standard single letter code for each amino acid is used.