Table 2.

Summary of motor axon guidance defects in unc-71 mutants and transgenes

Axon defects
Longitudinal defasciculation (penetrance/extent)* Commissural defects
GenotypeOutgrowth failureLR asymmetryGuidance defects§Vd13 defects
juIs76[P unc-25 GFP] <10<100
unc-71(ju156); juIs76 (L1 larvae)NA333221NA
unc-71(ju156); juIs76 100/36.4393921100
unc-71(ju255); juIs76 25/10630470
juIs14[P acr-2 GFP] 0000NA
unc-71(ju156); juIs14 30/ND7.12.43NA
juIs76; juEx[P unc-115 UNC-71(ECD)] 0016011
juIs76; juEx[P unc-115 UNC-71(+)] 00000
  • Unless noted, data were collected from 50 young adult animals expressing juIs76[Punc-25GFP] or juIs14[Pacr-2GFP].

    All data were collected from four or more independent lines.

    The total% of both stalling and U-shaped morphology in VD13.

  • * % animals exhibiting defasciculation defects/% defasciculated VD neurons

  • % commissures that failed to exit the ventral cord in a single animal (divided by 17)

  • Commissures on the left side in a single animal (divided by total number of commissures)

  • § % commissures that stopped prematurely in a single animal (divided by total number of commissures)