Table 2.

Tissue-specific rescue of clr-1

Extent of rescue of clr-1 lines
Transgene promoter§++++/-- -n
(A) Interchangeability of the egl-15 and clr-1 promoters Pclr-1 70007
Pegl-15 60006
(B) Expression of clr-1 driven by the e15 element PΔpes-10 002810
Pe15*1 04318
Pe15*2 1400014
(C) Tissue-specific expression of clr-1Pdpy-7 (hypodermis)441312
Prol-6 (hypodermis)1400014
Paex-3 (neurons)137415
Punc-14 (neurons)20002
Psnb-1 (neurons)30003
Punc-54 (body wall muscles)00426
  • § Major site of expression of the tissue-specific promoter is indicated in parentheses.

  • clr-1 rescue assays were performed in a clr-1(e1745ts) background. clr-1 rescuing activity is classified as strong (++), intermediate (+), weak (+/-), and no rescue (- -). n, the number of transgenic lines scored.

  • Pdpy-7::clr-1 was injected at 5 ng/μl; all other constructs were injected at 50 ng/μl.