Table 2.

The Scl transgene partially rescues the frequency of TER119-positive cells in Vegflo yolk sacs

GenotypenTER119+ (% total)
Vegf +/+ 477.5±6.3
Vegf+/+Scltg 879.1±11.4
Vegflo/+ 871.5±8.5*
Vegflo/+Scltg 481.3±4.8
Vegflo/lo 427.0±11.1
Vegflo/loScltg 238.2±5.1§
  • Single cell suspensions of dissected E9.0-9.5 yolk sacs were stained for TER119 and 7-AAD as in Fig. 5. The frequency of TER119-positive cells decreased according to the number of Vegflo alleles. *P<0.02 when compared with wild-type embryos, P<0.001 when compared with heterozygous or wild type embryos. The Scl transgene (Scltg) fully restores the frequency of TER119-positive cells in heterozygous Vegflo/+ embryos (P<0.001), albeit partially in homozygous Vegflo/lo littermates (§P<0.02). n represents the number of embryos of a corresponding genotype.