Table 2.

Germ cell counts in pro-1(na48) and pro-1(+) per gonad arm at somatic-and germline-specific developmental time points

Developmental eventGenotypeHours post hatchStage*Distal mitosisTransitionPachyteneGametesProximal mitosisTotal germ nuclein
SPh pro-1(+) 18eL313±2----1328
pro-1(na48) 30eL312±1----1228
Initial pro-1(+) 26L351±57±3---5816
meiosis pro-1(na48) 48-54§lL463±1413±10--13±178927
Adult pro-1(+) 35.5adult130±828±859±922±5-23910
molt pro-1(na48) 54adult69±1314±15--19±2210212
  • Average germ cell counts±1 s.d.

    n, number of gonad arms scored.

  • * Stage: eL3, early L3; lL4, late L4.

  • Sperm and spermatocytes are included. The number of gametes reported for this time point is equal to the number of spermatocytes plus one-quarter of the number of sperm. At the adult molt, pro-1(+) gonad arms contained an average of 16±3 spermatocytes and 22±22 sperm.

  • Formation of the hermaphrodite somatic gonad primordium.

  • § In pro-1(na48), initial meiosis is variable with respect to somatic developmental stage. Therefore, animals from three time points were pooled (4/15, 16/33 and 7/12 germ lines contained meiotic nuclei at 48, 50 and 54 hours post-hatch off, respectively).