Table 3.

pro-1(na48) genetic interactions and RNAi phenotypes

(A)Genotype*,% Pro% Pexn
pro-1(na48) 66092
mpk-1(ga111) 091162
pro-1(na48);mpk-1(ga111) 6410098
(B)Genotype*,§,% Pro% Femn
pro-1(na48) 58**0160
fem-1(hc17) 0100152
pro-1(na48); fem-1(hc17) 4390††171
(C)Genotype*,§,‡‡Hermaphrodite % Pro(n)Male % Pro(n)
pro-1(na48); him-5(e1490) 74 (80)§§23 (40)
(D)Genotype*,§,¶¶% Pro% Glpn
pro-1(na48) 84062
glp-1(e2141) 010062
pro-1(na48);glp-1(e2141) 010088
(E)Genotype*,§,***% Pro% Vuln
pro-1(na48) 75**060
lin-12(n302) 098522
pro-1(na48);lin-12(n302) 6810072
(F)Genotype% Gon†††n
pro-1(RNAi) 100122
rrf-1(pk1417); pro-1(RNAi) 6296
(G)Genotype*,‡‡‡% Pro at 20°C% Glp at 20°Cn
pro-1(na48) 11082
glp-1(e2141) 04212
pro-1(na48);glp-1(e2141) 03158
(H)Genotype*,§,§§§% Pro at 20°Cn
pro-1(na48) 19208
glp-1(ar202) 0152
pro-1(na48);glp-1(ar202) 72118
  • n, number of gonad arms; Vul, number of animals scored equals half n.

  • * Homozygous pro-1(na48): self progeny of heterozygous parents balanced by mIn1.

  • Strains marked with unc-79(e1068), grown at 20°C and shifted to 25°C as gravid adults. L1 progeny were synchronized and cultured at 25°C for 72 hours [pro-1(na48)-containing strains] or 48 hours, before fixation and DAPI staining. Pex (pachytene exit defect): mitotic, transition and pachytene nuclei present but no gametes.

  • Pro here is a Pro/Pex phenotype (see text).

  • § Strains marked with unc-4(e120).

  • Strains grown at 20°C. Synchronized L1 animals were shifted to 25°C and scored after 72 hours (pro-1(na48)-containing strains) or 48 hours.

  • ** These values are not significantly different (P≫0.05) from the corresponding values two rows directly below (two-sided Fisher exact test).

  • †† Remaining 10% non-Fem animals were non-Pro, non-Fem.

  • ‡‡ Animals fixed and DAPI stained after 72 hours.

  • §§ This value is significantly different from the value in the next column (P<2×10−7, based on two-sided Fisher exact test).

  • ¶¶ Strains marked with dpy-17(e164) and grown at 20°C. Synchronized L1 animals were shifted to 25°C.

  • *** For pro-1(na48)-containing strains, mid-L4s were picked to a fresh plate and fixed and DAPI stained 24 hours later. For unc-4(e120); lin-12(n302), all adults from several mixed-stage plates were scored under Normarki optics for Vul and Pro phenotypes.

  • ††† Asynchronous adults scored for the Gon phenotype under Nomarski optics.

  • ‡‡‡ Strains homozygous for him-5(e1490), grown at 20°C, synchronized, fixed and DAPI stained after 72 hours for glp-1(e2141); him-5(e1490), and after 96 hours for pro-1(na48)-containing strains.

  • §§§ Animals grown at 20°C, synchronized, fixed and DAPI-stained after 72 hours for unc-4(e120); glp-1(ar202), and 96 hours for pro-1(na48)-containing strains.