Table 1.

Phenotypes of tissue-specific expressed daf-9cDNA::gfp constructs in daf-9 and daf-12 backgrounds

GenotypeConstructPromoterExpression% Mig% Daf-cBroods
dhIs64 daf-9 X, H, S0026±31
dhIs59 daf-9 X, H, S0037±24
dhEx217 dpy-7 H0093±20
dhEx203 daf-9 X00100±25
daf-9(dh6) ---01000
dhIs64 daf-9 X, H, S0035±28
dhEx217 dpy-7 H0077±12
dhEx176 mec-7 Touch Nnd100*0*
daf-9(e1406) ---01000
dhEx294 wrt-1 H2073±49
dhEx256 F25B3.3Pan N8, 2340*, 6117±22
dhEx203 daf-9 X4, 150*, 3821±21
dhEx354 sdf-9 X20107±76
daf-9(rh50) ---79032±19
dhEx217 dpy-7 H0080±37
daf-12(rh273) ---705914±6
dhEx217 dpy-7 H4203±5
daf-12(rh61) ---100023±10
dhEx217 dpy-7 H74017±14
  • Mig phenotype (20°C) n≥25 animals. Daf-c phenotype (25°C) n≥150 animals. Broods (25°C) n≥6 animals. X, XXX cells; H, hypodermis; S, spermathecae; N, neuron.

  • * 20°C.

  • 25°C.