Table 2.

Phenotypes of tissue-specific expressed daf-9cDNA::gfp constructs in daf-2 and daf-7 backgrounds.

GenotypeConstructPromoterExpression% Daf-cBroods
daf-2(e1368) ---1000
dhEx207 col-3 H0 (n=43)n.d.
dhEx217 dpy-7 H039±15
dhEx256 F25B3.3Pan N9570±28*
daf-2(e1370) ---1000
dhEx379 --1000
dhEx207 col-3 H0 (n=22)n.d.
dhEx217 dpy-7 H00
dhEx354 sdf-9 X100 (n=50)0
dhEx256 F25B3.3Pan N1000
daf-7(m62) ---1000
dhEx207 col-3 H6n.d.
dhEx217 dpy-7 H052±23
daf-7(e1372) ---1000
dhEx354 sdf-9 X100 (n=50)0
  • Daf-c and Brood size experiments were carried out at 25°C. Daf-c phenotype, n≥150 animals, unless indicated. Brood size, n≥8 animals.

  • * Brood size of reproductively growing animals

  • Arrest development at L3 or early L4 stages

  • lin-15(+) transgene alone.