Table 3.

ALR-1 acts in a parallel pathway with the forkhead domain protein UNC-130 and in a linear pathway with the LIM homeodomain protein LIN-11 to regulate AWA and ASG neuronal fate

% sides showing odr-7 expression in number of neurons* % sides showing ops-1 expression in number of neurons
Wild type10000100/880/110/1
alr-1(oy42) 5540589/7111/29<1/<1
alr-1(oy56) 8884955<1
unc-130(ev505) 571132 34 66 0
lin-11(n389) 4456038/2662/740/0
unc-130(ev505); alr-1(oy42) 1990 4 95 1
unc-130(ev505); alr-1(oy56) 1990NDNDND
lin-11(n389); alr-1(oy42) 4455117830
lin-11(n389); alr-1(oy56) 38611NDNDND
lin-11(n389); unc-130(ev505) 991<1 1 99 0
  • Adult animals grown at 20°C were examined. n≥200 for each.

  • * The expression of stably integrated odr-7::gfp transgenes were examined in all cases except for lin-11; unc-130 animals where ODR-7 expression was examined by staining with anti-ODR-7 antibodies

  • The expression of ops-1::dsRed was examined from stably integrated transgenes or from extrachromosomal arrays (italics). For extrachromosomal arrays, numbers shown are an average from strains carrying two independent arrays. Expression from the same arrays was examined in wild-type, alr-1, unc-130 and unc-130; alr-1 double mutants. Expression from different arrays was examined in lin-11, unc-130 and lin-11; unc-130 double mutants due to the difficulty of mating into the lin-11 mutant strain