Table 4.

The VD MNs may partially adopt DD MN characteristics in alr-1 mutants

Average number of cells expressing GFP in the VNC (±s.d.) % animals where all flp-13::gfp-expressing cells colocalize with GABA
flp-13::gfp Wild type5.9±0.46.2±0.683
alr-1(oy42) 6.0±0.113.4±2.092
alr-1(oy56) 6.0±0.113.1±2.2ND
alr-1(ok545) ND10.9±2.5ND
unc-55(e402) 6.0±0.116.1±1.188
unc-25::gfp Wild typeND18.8±0.6ND
alr-1(oy42) ND18.8±0.5ND
alr-1(oy56) ND18.8±0.5ND
anti-GABAWild typeND17.9±1.5
alr-1(oy42) ND18.2±1
unc-55(e402) ND17.4±1.6
  • Animals were grown at 20°C. n>75 for strains expressing flp-13::gfp or unc-25::gfp; n>36 for animals stained with anti-GABA antibodies.

  • * The expression of stably integrated flp-13::gfp and unc-25::gfp transgenes was examined

  • These strains contain integrated copies of flp-13::gfp