Table 2.

Laser microsurgery demonstrates a role for the IL2 and the AWC neurons in dauer maintenance

GenotypeNeurons ablatedDauer recovery*
daf-7(e1372); odr-2 (2b)::GFP IL25/7
glp-1(e2141) daf-7(e1372); odr-1::GFP AWC1/7
  • * The number of dauer larvae that recover 24 hours after their transfer onto a fresh, pre-equilibrated plate over the total number of transferred dauers.

  • Statistical analyses were performed: P<0.005, compared with mock-treated animals.

  • Transgene from Chou et al. (Chou et al., 2001).

  • Transgene from Yu et al. (Yu et al., 2001).