Table 3.

glp-1 expression in AWC neurons is sufficient to correct glp-1-dependent dauer maintenance defects

Transgene injected*Rescue of dauer maintenance defect± s.d.
myo-2p::GFP 6.1±5.4%
gpa-2p::glp-1 70.0±9.6%
odr-1p::glp-1 76.5±7.5%
ser-2prom2::glp-1 14.3±3.8%
lim-6int3::glp-1 5.0±4.5%
unc-25p::glp-1 15.5±6.2%
ceh-6p::glp-1 6.6±12.6%
  • Neuronal promoters were used to drive GLP-1 expression in various types of neurons to determine whether neuron-specific GLP-1 expression would suppress the dauer maintenance defects associated with glp-1 If mutations. p, promoter.

  • * All constructs were injected with myo-2p::GFP as a co-transformation marker in the parental strain glp-1(e2141) daf-7(e1372).

  • See Materials and methods; s.d., standard deviation; n=100.

  • Statistical analyses were performed: P<0.005, compared with control myo-2::GFP-expressing transgenic lines.