Table 1.

Validation of gene misregulation by real-time PCR

Microarray Line 1 Real-time PCR
GeneLine 1Line 12Line 21
Ctcf 0.030.0094±0.00040.0094±0.0030.0092±0.002
Pim1 0.480.62±0.060.54±0.260.38±0.06
Cbfa2t1h 0.550.61±0.060.62±0.150.69±0.08
Gtl2 0.550.53±0.080.51±0.020.55±0.05
Grb10 0.840.78±0.040.61±0.150.68±0.24
Myc ND1.05±0.120.91±0.350.86±0.18
Slc22a18 1.772.80±0.181.88±0.501.94±0.21
Phlda2 1.862.18±0.231.55±0.152.16±1.15
Fcgr1 35.975.0±6.176.4±23.973.0±10.8
Tlr1 58.01:A1:A1:A
  • Values are transgenic expression relative to non-transgenic expression±s.e.m.

    1:A, detected in transgenic oocytes but absent from non-transgenic oocytes.

    A:A, absent from both transgenic and non-transgenic oocytes.

    ND, not determined