Table 1.

Nerve ring defects in single and double mutants

GenotypeAnterior nerve ring (%)nP-value*
wt 0.5204
slt-1(eh15) X3.754
sax-3(ky200) X68.2110
cwn-2(ky736) IV59.386
cwn-2(ky756) IV92.5523
cwn-2(ok895) IV79.583
cam-1(gm122) II75.8265
cfz-2(ok1201) V47.2318
mig-1(e1787) I7.3165
lin-17(n677) I10.893
lin-18(e620) X1.8109
mig-13(mu225) X2.0100
mom-5(zu193) unc-13(e1091) I (L4 stage using Dil)0.023
cam-1(gm122) II; cwn-2(ky756) IV90.3185NS
cwn-2(ky756) IV; cfz-2(ok1201) V100.0100<0.01
mig-1(e1787) I; cfz-2(ok1201) V75.3304<0.005
lin-17(n677) I; cfz-2(ok1201) V40.9110NS
cam-1(gm122) II; cfz-2(ok1201) V100.066<0.001
mig-1(e1787) I; cam-1(gm122) II78.0186<0.005
cam-1(ks52) II9.188
mig-1(e1787) I; cam-1(ks52) II27.1107<0.05
lin-17(n677) I; cam-1(ks52) II27.281<0.05
lin-18(e620) X; cam-1(ks52) II3100NS
cam-1(ks52) II; mig-13(mu225) X28.698<0.01
sax-3(ky200ts) X at 20°C9.2109
cam-1 (ks52) II; sax-3(ky200ts) X at 20°C64.0100<0.01
cam-1(ks52) II; cfz-2(ok1201) V83.2101<0.01
lin-44(n1792) I3.9102
cwn-1(ok546) II5.0100
lin-44(n1792) I; cwn-2(ky756) IV94.5201NS
cwn-1(ok546) II; cwn-2(ky756) IV98.3176<0.05
lin-44(n1792) I; cwn-1(ok546) II11.479NS
lin-44(n1792) I; cwn-1(ok546) II; egl-20(n585) IV7.791NS
  • Animals were scored at the L1 stage, unless otherwise noted. The P-value was calculated using Student's t-test or Fisher's exact test with Bonferroni correction for multiple comparisons. Animals were grown at 25°C unless otherwise noted.

  • * Double versus single mutants. NS, not significant.