Table 1.

Summary of cDNA microarray analysis * of Sun1–/– versus Sun1+/+ gene expression in P9, P14 testis and MEFs

Number of:P9 testisP14 testisMEFs
Data points in array38 k38 k38 k
Genes with reproducibly (P<0.05) detectable signals10,04392806414
Genes 2-fold upregulated (P<0.05)222109643
Genes 2-fold downregulated (P<0.05)373834323
Genes less than 2-fold changed (P<0.05)944883375448
  • * A 38,000 gene chip representing 25,000 mouse known genes was used for microarray analysis (NCBI GEO accession number GPL6806). cDNA was prepared from three paired (Sun1–/– and Sun1+/+, from the same parents) animals for each array. Gene expression level of Sun1–/– versus Sun1+/+ was calculated, and a t-test was used for evaluating statistical significance. For example, in P9 testis, in the 38,000 gene spots analyzed, 10,043 signals were reproducibly detected from three independent preparations. Among the 10,043 genes, 222 were >2-fold enhanced and 373 genes were >2-fold decreased. Expression differences were not significantly changed for the rest of the 9448 points

  • The statistical difference in gene expression between P9 and P14 testes is P<0.05 (Chi-square test, 222 versus 373 compared with 109 versus 834)