Table 1.

Phenotype of root epidermal cells

GenotypeNumber of root hairs per mm (a)Length of epidermal cell (μm) (b)Relative hair number*
WT (WS)43.2±1.0257.1±10.911.1
WT (Rschew)53.1±2.1261.5±5.213.9
cpc 10.6±0.6289.0±12.03.1
GL2::CPC in cpc 39.6±1.4269.3±8.510.6
35S::N terminal region of R (1-298)1.3±0.5261.5±5.20.3
  • * Relative hair number indicates the number of root hairs formed on a segment of root with an average length of epidermal cells (a×b/100).

  • The ecotype of 35S::R is Rschew. The ecotype of other lines is WS.