Table 1.

Determination of recessiveness or dominance of the feronia allele in tetraploid feronia plants

Phenotype (fer:wt) Segregation Kanres: Kansen
Simplex, rec (fer/+/+/+)2:9042:500125:50174:10
Simplex, dom (ferD/+/+/+)44:4842:500.6885:90174:10
Duplex, rec (fer/fer/+/+)18:7442:500166:9174:10.01
Duplex, dom (ferD/ferD/+/+)74:1842:500148:27174:10
Triplex, rec (fer/fer/fer/+)48:4442:500.21174:1174:11
Triplex, dom (ferD/ferD/ferD/+)90:242:500174:1174:11
  • The observed ratio of the invading PT phenotype (fer:wt) and the segregation ratio (Kanres:Kansen) only fit the expected values for a triplex recessive genotype. Expected values have been calculated according to Burnham (Burnham, 1962) using the transmission data of diploid feronia plants and an estimated frequency of double reduction╬▒ =0.1. Null hypothesis is consistent with the observed data for P>0.05. Data represent the results for one individual plant. Similar data have also been obtained for a second tetraploid plant (data not shown).