Table 2.

Observed frequencies of invading pollen tube phenotypes

Normal reception Invading PT phenotype Unfertilized
Number of ovulesTotalsn PTsTotalsn PTsPT in CCend formemb formTotal
48 HAP
Ler × Ler122113n.d09
Ler × fer/+13011022000018
fer/+ × Ler19993191917115
fer/+ × fer/+276121211413313041
68 HAP
Ler × Ler2081871021
Ler × fer/+25422922000023
fer/+ × Ler301152113312311616
fer/+ × fer/+363167216918817727
  • Observed phenotypes in crosses between Landsberg erecta (Ler) wild-type plants and feronia (fer/+) 48 and 68 hours after pollination (HAP). sn PTs: arrival of supernumerary pollen tubes; PT in CC: pollen tube growth into the central cell; end form: formation of endosperm; emb form: formation of embryo-like structures.