Table 4.

Rescue of lateral plate expression by Spaw ligand

Lateral plate expression
GeneStageInjectionn% spaw+% spaw-
16-18 sNone221000
southpaw 16-18 sspaw-MO134397
16-18 sspaw-MO1+ActHAspaw RNA781882
17-19 sNone651189
southpaw 17-19 sspaw-MO1451585
17-19 sspaw-MO1+ActHAspaw RNA383268
  • s, somites; n, number of embryos injected; % spaw +, % of injected embryos with expression of the endogenous spaw gene in lateral plate, either unilaterally or bilaterally.

    Spaw-MO1 dose was 9 ng per embryo; ActHASpaw RNA dose was 40 pg per embryo.

    Probe used was DNP-Spaw (minus mature region) probe.