Table 1.

Effects of SCR base substitutions on reporter mRNA translation

Reporter mRNATotal gonads injected% gonads with strong β-gal expression in embryos*% gonads with weak β-gal expression in embryos *% embryos with anterior localization (n)
lacglp(wt)8926993 (27)
lacglp(M7)4835270 (20)
lacglp(LS1)11020170 (24)
lacglp(LS1LS2)6941163 (30)
  • * Staining in embryos was scored as `strong' if β-gal was easily detected at 50× magnification, and `weak' if staining was detected only at 400×. All mRNAs produced strong expression when injected into somatic cells.

  • Four- to 16-cell embryos in which staining and cell identity could be unambiguously determined were scored as `anterior localized' if staining was strong in AB-derived cells and undetectable in at least two (4- to 6-cell embryos) or four (8- to 16-cell embryos) P1-derived cells. - indicates that localization β-gal could not be scored because of low or absent staining.