Table 3.

Timing of developmental and behavioral events at adult ecdysis (eclosion) in KO animals

Tracheal filling start - eclosion end73.6±8.167.2±2.1 (ns)
Tracheal filling start - end1.4±0.6(0) (*) §
Tracheal filling end - EP59.4±7.760.9±3.7 (ns)
Tracheal filling end - eclosion start59.8±7.766.3±1.1 (ns)
EP - eclosion start0.36±0.13.1±2.4 (*)
No of head movements prior to EP18.1±9.333.6±4.3 (ns)
Eclosion start - eclosion end10.0±2††0.91±0.3 (**)
No. of ecdysis peristalses until eclosion85±14††26±2 (**)
No. of ecdysis peristalses during 1st minute‡‡9.8±0.9††26±2 (**)
  • Values are averages±s.e.m.; n=10 for each group unless noted. Units are minutes or number, depending on the event.

  • Air filling occurred in a few seconds in the controls and could not be measured precisely.

  • § (ns) P>0.05;

  • (*) 0.01<P<0.05;

  • (**) P<0.01. Student's t-test.

  • EP, extended ptilinum (see Fig. 6A,B).

  • †† n=9; one animal failed to eclose.

  • ‡‡ Approximate time for control to eclose (0.91±0.3 minutes; see“ Eclosion start - eclosion end”, above).