Table 1.

Effect of SpAlx1 MO on levels of various mRNAs as measured by QPCR

Gene18-20 hour embryos (Alx1 ML, control ML)23-24 hour embryos (Alx1 ML, control ML)
alx1 2.78, 2.863.33, 1.82
tbr 0.65, 0.550.55
ets1 0.64, 0.720.71, 0.58
dri 0.07, 0.100.29
delta 0.85, 0.830.90, 0.83
pmar1 1.02, 0.75ND
msp130 0.22, 0.140.31
msp130-rel-2 0.14ND
sm50 0.380.27, 0.11
  • Numbers shown are fold differences in the expression levels of mRNAs, based on comparisons of embryos injected with Alx1 MO or a control MO. Cycle threshhold (CT) data obtained by QPCR were first normalized to CT values for ubiquitin in each sample. Normalized cycle thresholds (ΔCT) were used to calculate fold differences, with the conservative assumption that the efficiency of amplification was 1.9× per cycle. Fold difference is then 1.9ΔCT. For most gene markers, two independent trials were carried out at each of two time points.