Table 2.

Summary of somite grafting studies

A Whole-mount in situ hybridisation for
9/10s5 in r2r3none11ndndr2ap/r3ap213
11s5 in r3r4none7none2ndr3ap/r4ap514
9/10s5 in r3r4r413r45r3ap/r44r3ap/r4224
11s5 in r6r7r73r72ndnd r6/r75
10s5 in r6r7r74r733515
Repressed in r6
9/10s1 in r3r4none5ndndnd5
  • s5, somite 5 caudally; s1, somite 1 to 3 only; n, number; T, total number; nd, not done; ap, alar plate. NB in this table only gene expression in the grafted side has been presented.