Table 3.

Summary of the principal defects caused by viable loss-of-function and partial loss-of-function mutations

epi-1 Body wall musclesDisrupted basement membranes; failure to adhere to epidermis; ectopic dense bodies; improperly oriented myofilaments.
EpidermisDisrupted basement membranes; adherence to the intestine; loss of compactness near muscle attachment sites.
GonadDisrupted basement membranes; germ cells escape and proliferate in body cavity and adjacent tissues.
IntestineDisrupted basement membranes; adherence to the epidermis.
NervesDisorganized and mispositioned; axon outgrowth defects; extracellular matrix accumulation around individual axons.
lam-3 PharynxDisrupted basement membranes; cells adhere and protrude into body wall muscle and epidermis; ectopic adherens junctions; improperly oriented filaments; extracellular matrix accumulation between adjacent pharyngeal cells.