Table 1.

Classification of the mutant lines according to their phenotype

Phenotypic class*Number of mutantsNumber of single allelesNumber of alleles in complementation groups (number of novel groups)
oskar diffuse/central552134 (9)
oskar falling off/diffuse at posterior19109 (3)
bicoid affected early55-
bicoid affected late1376 (3)
polarity phenotype523 (1)
novel phenotype, both affected21615 (4)
oskar and bicoid diffuse1486 (2)
other phenotype972 (1)
total1416675 (23)
  • * The different classes of mutants are described in the text.

  • The `polarity phenotype' is defined by the presence of bicoid mRNA at the posterior of the oocyte, whether the oocyte nucleus is mislocalised or not.

  • The second boussole allele (8B8-9) is included in this class, although bicoid mRNA was not detected at the posterior of the oocyte.