Table 1.

Tc-ASH cannot rescue MP2 specification in In(1) y3PL sc8R embryos

Proneural genes expressed
Wild typeIn(1) y3PLsc8RIn(1) y3PLsc8R+scIn(1) y3PLsc8R+l'scIn(1) y3PLsc8R+Tc-ASH
MP2 formation*100% (309/309)17% (34/198)93% (134/144)94% (117/125)94% (271/289)
MP2 identity†100% (331/331)9% (14/158)98% (130/133)53% (69/131)46% (96/206)
  • Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of hemisegments in which a precursor in the MP2 position expressed the indicated gene.

  • * MP2 formation was assayed by Hunchback (Hb) expression that marks all neural precursors after they have formed.

  • MP2 identity was assayed by Fushi-tarazu (Ftz) expression that specifically marks the MP2 precursor in each hemisegment.

  • These data are equivalent to those obtained by Skeath and Doe (Skeath and Doe 1996, table I).