Table 1.

Phentoypes of control and par(ZF1) embryos

GFP levelsEqual division Cell cycle length (minutes) Lateral spaces§Endoderm internal (minutes)
Embryo genotype*MS(2) to MS(4)E(2) to E(4)SurfaceInterior
Wild type (WT)NA0/1324.2±0.7 (3)44.3±3.0 (3)0/80/8113±6.2 (8)
par-3(ZF1) ++0/9824.7±0.8 (8)45.5±1.7 (8)7/107/10141±6.0 (8)
WT+par-3::zf1::gfp++NDNDND0/31/3110±6.9 (3)
par-3(-) NA15/15NANANDNDNA
WTNA0/1724.8±0.6 (6)46.2±1.3 (6)0/61/6112±6.7 (6)
par-6(ZF1) (total)NA0/12924.5±0.4 (14)46.7±0.2 (14)7/148/14133±7.5 (14)
par-6(ZF1) (zuIs57) ++++0/3424.1±0.9 (3)46.3±1.1 (3)1/32/3132±12 (3)
par-6(ZF1) (zuIs58) ++++0/3424.4±1.0 (4)47.0±1.6 (4)3/44/4131±6.4 (4)
par-6(ZF1) (zuIs54) +++0/3124.5±0.6 (3)46.8±1.9 (3)0/32/3135±5.1 (3)
par-6(ZF1) (zuIs52) +0/3025.0±0.3 (4)46.6±1.5 (4)3/42/4136±4.5 (4)
WT+par-6::zf1::gfp++++NDNDND0/41/4113±8.9 (4)
par-6(-) NA13/13NANANDNDNA
  • NA, not applicable; ND, not determined.

  • * lon-1 worms were used as wild-type controls for par-3(ZF1) strains, and unc-101 worms were used as wild-type controls for par-6(ZF1) strains. Alleles of par-6::zf1::gfp in par-6(ZF1) strains are indicated in parentheses; the sum or average of all par-6(ZF1) alleles is indicated by `(total)'. See Materials and methods for additional notes on genotype.

  • GFP expression levels were examined in live embryos. ++++ embryos, GFP visible beyond the four-cell stage; +++ embryos, GFP visible up to the four-cell stage; ++ embryos, GFP visible up to the two-cell stage; + embryos, GFP detected by camera but not eye at the two-cell stage.

  • The MS(2) to MS(4), and E(2) to E(4) cell cycle lengths refer to the interval between the first and second divisions of the MS and E cells, respectively. Values are averages±s.d. (sample size).

  • § Lateral spaces were scored either from focal planes at the interior of embryos at the 15-cell stage, or from the surface of embryos between the six- and 24-cell stages. Only perduring separations > 1 μm present between interphase cells were scored as lateral spaces.

  • Values are averages±s.d. (sample size) in minutes after the two-cell stage and indicate when the endodermal cells were internal (completely covered by surface cells).