Table 1.

Frequencies of phenotypes obtained from injection experiments

A WT (n)Mutant phenotype (n)Total number
Uninjected97% (117)3% (4)121
CMO injected97% (124)3% (4)128
AMO injected5% (8)95% (140)148
Frequency of the phenotypes obtained from AMO injection, as compared to sibling, uninjected or CMO-injected embryos. For a definition of the criteria used to define the mutant phenotype, see text.
Six independent experiments were carried out
B WT/rescued phenotypes (n)Mutant phenotype (n)Total number
Uninjected90% (44)10% (5)49
CMO injected93% (27)7% (2)29
AMO injected0% (0)100% (34)34
AMO+sense RNA injected88% (29)12% (4)33
  • Coinjection of sense Vg1 RBP RNA with AMO results in the rescue of the mutant phenotypes.

    Rescued phenotype, for these experiments, was defined as normal pigmentation, normal head formation, and the presence of normal eyes (see Fig. 2H). Three independent experiments were carried out.