Table 3.

Migration pattern of new neurons

1 day3 days7 days4 weeks3 months6 months11 months
% of BrdU-labeled cells in SGZ76.1±2.373.0±2.957.3±6.961.6±5.249.6±5.358.7±4.662.0±7.4
P values for comparisons
1 dayn/s 0.0170 0.0601 0.0013 0.0264 0.0679
3 days 0.0432 n/s 0.0038 0.0645n/s
7 daysn/s 0.0432 n/sn/s
4 weeksn/sn/sn/s
3 monthsn/sn/s
6 monthsn/s
  • A statistical analysis comparing the percentage of BrdU-labeled cells in the subgranular zone plus inner third with the mid plus outer third of the granule cell layer reveals a slow redistribution away from the subgranular zone (see also Fig. 1C and Fig. 3). The upper half of the table gives the percentage of the BrdU-labeled cells in SGZ plus inner third of the GCL (Fig. 3). In the lower half, the P-values of the comparisons are listed. There is no indication of a continued migration towards the molecular layer. ANOVA (F=3.057): P=0.0199. Fisher post-hoc tests; significant P values are bold.