Table 1.

Frequency of tracheal fusion defects in mutant embryos

GenotypeTotal segmentsBreak (%)Constriction (%)
shg2/shgIH 1042539.4
UAS-WT in shg2/shgIH1766.85.1
UAS-AAA-JXT in shg2/shgIH11262.515.2
UAS-Δarm in shg2/shgIH1047312.5
UAS-AAA-JXT in WT12847.611
  • Embryos of the indicated genotypes were scored at stage 14 or later by staining with staining with mAb 2A12, which recognizes tracheal lumen, and examining fusion sites at segment boundaries in the dorsal trunk for defects. Transgenes were expressed in tracheal cells using the btl-Gal4 driver. Dorsal trunk breaks are very rare (<1%) in wild-type embryos.