Table 1.

Deficiencies screened for interaction with bwk

DeficiencyDeficiency breakpointsInteraction
Df(2L)PMF 21A1; 21B7-8S
Df(2L)al, cn 21B8-C1; 21C8-D1E
Df(2L)S2 21C6-D1; 22A6-B1E
Df(2L)ast2 21D1-2; 22B2-3E
Df(2L)edl, al b 24A3-A4; 24D3-D4E
Df(2L)sc19-8 24C2-8; 25C8-9S
Df(2L)cl-h3 25D2-D4; 26B2-50
Df(2L)GpdhA 25D7-E1; 26A8-90
Df(2L)J136-H52 27C2-9; 28B3-4 SS
Df(2L)spdX4, 27E; 28C0
Df(2L)30C 29F7-30A1; 30C2-50
Df(2L)Pr1 32F1-3; 33F1-2E
Df(2L)esc10, b p r 33A8-B1; 33B2-30
Df(2L)osp29, Adh 35B3; 35E6E
Df(2L)r10, cn 35D1-D2; 36A7 EE
Df(2L)H20, b pr c 36A8-9; 36E1-20
Df(2L)TW50, cn 36E4-F1; 38A6-7, 36F+?E
Df(2L)E55 37D2-E1; 37F5-38A10
Df(2L)pr76, Sco 37D; 38E0
Df(2L)TW84 37F5-38A1; 39D3-E10
Df(2L)TW161, M, p 38A6-B1; 40A4-B10
Df(2R)M41A4 41AS
In(2R)pk78s 42C1-7; 43F5-8 and In. 42C; 59F5-8 SS
Df(2R)cn9 42E; 44C0
Df(2R)44CE, al d p 44C4-C5; 44E2-40
Df(2R)en-A 47D3; 48A5-60
Df(2R)en30 48A3-4; 48C6-80
Df(2R)vg135 49A-B; 49D-E and In. 47F4-48AS
Df(2R)CX1, b pr 49C1-4; 50C23-D20
Df(2R)trix 51A1-2; 51B60
Df(2R)Jp1 51C3-52F5-9E
Df(2R)Jp8, w[+] 52F5-9; 52F10-53A1 EE
Df(2R)Pc111B, al 54F6-55A1; 55C1-30
Df(2R)PC4 55A; 55F0
Df(2R)AA21, In(2R) 56F9-17; 57D11-12, 38E;S
Df(2R)PuD17, cn b 57B4; 58BE
Df(2R)or-BR6, cn 59D5-10; 60B3-80
Df(2R)Px4, Dp(2L) 60B; 60D1-20
Df(2R)Px2 60C5-6; 60D9-100
  • Third column indicates the interaction [no interaction (0), enhancement (E) or suppression (S)] of the bwk eggshell phenotype. One E or S denotes a significant interaction (see Materials and methods), two letters (EE or SS) indicate a strong interaction.