Table 1.

Comparison of metabolic pathways regulated by light or the lethal cop/det/fus mutations in dark

Strongly activated by lightNo obvious difference between light and COP/DET/FUS regulationStronger regulation by COP/DET/FUS
Photosynthetic light reactionsFatty acid biosynthesisPhenylpropanoid biosynthesis
Photosynthetic carbon assimilationFatty acid β oxidationProtein synthesis in cytoplasm
Starch biosynthesisGlycoxylate cycleWater transport across tonoplast
Sucrose biosynthesisSulfate assimilationWater transport across plasma membrane
PhotorespirationNitrate assimilation
Chlorophyll synthesisEthylene biosynthesis
BR biosynthesis
Amino acid biosynthesis
TCA cycle
Protein synthesis in chloroplast
Cell wall degradation
Starch degradation
Cell wall synthesis