Table 1.

Phenotypes of sqt-/-, cyc-/-, sqt-/-; cyc+/- and sqt-/-; cyc-/- mutants

Parental genotypeMutant genotypeTotal number of mutantsNumber with normal shields at 6 hNumber with two eyes at 1 dNumber with swim bladder at 5 dNumber with fused somites at 12 hNumber with Kupffer's vesicle at 12 h
cyc+/- cyc-/- 323200ndnd
sqt+/- sqt-/- 2402218ndnd
sqt+/-;cyc+/- sqt+/+; cyc-/- or sqt+/-; cyc-/-181800ndnd
sqt-/-; cyc+/+ 9098ndnd
sqt-/-; cyc+/- 10011ndnd
sqt-/-; cyc-/- 700ndndnd
sqt+/-; cyc+/- × sqt+/-; cyc+/+ sqt-/-; cyc+/+ 12ndndnd30
sqt-/-; cyc+/- 11ndndnd70
  • nd, not determined; h, hours post-fertilization; d, days post-fertilization.