Table 1.

Summary of silencing assays

lacI repeat linelacI repeat locationCopies of lacI repeatsEye color phenotype without lacI-HP1Eye color phenotype with lacI-HP1P-element insertion site
179.186D256OrangeWhite8.63 kb downstream of Sodh-2
157.4.11261F3256OrangeWhite17 bp upstream of BtbII,
P6.488E12-F1256YellowWhite1.69 kb downstream of ea
P8.696B1256OrangeWhite25 bp upstream of BcDNA:GH12663
P2.565D4-5256OrangeWhite6 bp upstream of sgl
P23.987D9-11256 Yellow White 4 bp downstream of CtBP
J11.142C2-3256YellowWhite444 bp upstream of l(2) 01289
J3.293A7-B1256RedRed62 bp upstream of Atpα
P25.2289B2-B3256OrangeWhite3.45 kb upstream of He189B
J8.189B16-17∼58OrangeWhite6.5 kb upstream of tara
S4.573A1-73A2∼58Dark orangeYellowNone
S11.761D1∼55Dark orangeYellowNone
S9.273A2-73A4∼46RedYellow48 bp downstream of argos
CN250C20-2232OrangeLight orange3.84 kb upstream of Aats-phe
CN1063C532Dark orangeYellowNone
P9.485A7-9∼20Dark orangeYellowNone
J2.386E13-15∼15OrangeLight orangeNone
6.4P577B6-94Dark orangeOrange166 bp upstream of trb1
64.AB67A8-B14OrangeLight orangeNone
  • Nearby genes listed are only those in which the transcription start site, or a predicted transcription start site, resides within 10 kb of the P-element insert according to FlyBase. `None' indicates absence of genes within 10 kb of the P-element insert site. `Upstream' and `downstream' denote the location of the P-element with respect to the gene. `∼' indicates lines in which the number of lac repeats were estimated based on the size of the lac repeat-containing fragment.