Table 2.

Thickness of the cerebral wall at which each P/P-division type was observed

nCerebral wall thickness
P/P total57
Type I13 (23%)142±5 μm
Type II total44 (77%)169±6 μm
   Type IIa23142±3 μm
   Type IIb21197±8 μm
  • Fifty-seven P/P divisions (Table 1) were classified according to the behavior of daughter cells (Figs 1 and 2). All values shown are mean±s.e.m. Differences between type I and type II (P<0.05), type IIa and type IIb (P<0.0001), and type I and IIb (P<0.0001) were significant (Mann-Whitney test), but those between between type I and type IIa were not significant.