Table 4.

Proportions of Ngn2-positive cells out of the total cycling cells and the cells in particular cell cycle phases

Ngn2 and Ki67
   Total Ki67-positive cells1623
   Total Ngn2-positive cells575
Ngn2 and BrdU
   Total BrdU-positive cells555
   Total Ngn2-positive cells288
  • Sections collected from eight E13 or E14 embryos were examined for Ngn2 and Ki67 colocalization using a confocal microscope (40× objective), and sections from five embryos were similarly examined for Ngn2 and BrdU colocalization. Results were for assessment of cell cycle phases, Ki67 immunoreactivity was graded as presented in Fig. 6F. Ngn2 immunoreactivity was not graded [taking all of the +++ to + (Fig. 6E,G,I) as 'positive'] here.