Table 1.

Increased transcripts in the trigeminal ganglion of Brn3a mutant mouse embryos

DescriptionGenBank acc. no. Experiment 1 Experiment 2Fold Knockout/control
Increased transcriptsWild typeHeterozygoteKnockoutWild typeHeterozygoteKnockout
Cardiac responsive adriamycin proteinAF04184744170111024434.3
Calretinin (calbindin 2)X73985165147183857219126510.5
C-fos induced growth factor FIGFX995721710350838634789.0
HLH transcription factor Math3AF03625798111522120338007.8
HLH transcription factor Musculin/MyoRAF087035195277157819127416857.0
Serotonin receptor 3AM74425104911295244854124247884.7
Connexin 43 (2 probe sets)M6380199487432111327138157903.9
HLH transcription factor NeuroD1U28068500416100537835112562.8
Brain natriuretic peptideD164971631863771541715152.7
Eyes absent 2U81603716693146040531411722.7
Galectin 7AF03856255631787741339111072.4
Short stature homeobox protein 2U669181295192533611434136437422.4
Cytochrome P450, Cyp1b1X784452912615493273979752.3
PG-M core proteinD45889370541115947852510442.3
Tachykinin 1D1758495381601521242862.2
Regulator of G-protein signaling 4AB004315781623291621732822.2
LIM only 4AF07460075478913971224120531322.2
  • This table and Table 2 show expression data for all transcripts from among the 5993 known genes represented on the U74Av2 chip that met the following criteria: (1) Present in at least one genotype in both experiments; (2) change-p value for the comparison of heterozygote to knockout transcript levels showed significantly changed expression (pΔ <0.003 or >0.997) in both experiments; (3) a minimum of a twofold increase or decrease in signal intensity in both experiments. Transcript levels in each experiment were normalized to a mean value of 500. The fold change is calculated as the ratio of knockout/control expression and represents the mean of the individual ratios for the two experiments. A list of genes that exhibited changed expression but did not meet these criteria appears in the Supplemental data, Numbers in parentheses following gene names represent the number of probe sets for a given gene when represented by multiple probe sets on the array. These were in every case concordant and results for only one probe set are given.