Table 3.

Significantly changed ESTs in Brn3a mutant mice

DescriptionGenBank acc. no.Mean ratio§
Increased transcripts
Transcription factor Gata3AA71715552.1
Transcription factor AP2βAI02169018.6
Homeobox protein Iriquois 2AI85129118.4
Homeobox protein Iriquois 1 (2 probe sets)AA0282756.5
LIM only protein Testin 2AI8456096.1
HLH transcription factor NeuroD1AI8486743.5
Solute carrier family 1, member 3AW1213153.4
Neuropilin 2AW0461123.1
Protein kinase C-binding protein NELAI8380102.9
Thymocyte selection-associated HMG box geneAA6889462.9
Bruno-like 4 (2)AI839880*2.5
Dual specificity phosphatase 6 Dusp6 (=MKP3)AI845584*2.2
Catenin beta interacting protein 1AI8422842.1
Regulator of G-protein signaling 4AI8541532.1
Decreased transcripts
Regulator of G-protein signaling 10 (2)AI847399*13.6
Na+ channel Scn9aAI5932298.6
Ras family GTPase RAPAA9200956.9
Runt-related transcription factor Runx1AI6439355.4
Downstream of tyrosine kinase 4 Dok4 (3)AA9824574.8
Protein tyrosine phosphatase HAI8510904.7
Insulin-like growth factor 1 (2)AA5449554.6
Synaptotagmin-like 2AW1240714.1
Doublecortin-like kinaseAI8530723.8
G-protein coupled receptor 64AI1320053.6
Src homology 2 containing protein C1 Shc1AI050321*3.4
Ataxin-2 binding protein A2bp1 (2)AW0479133.4
Wnt1 responsive Cdc42 homolog Wrch1AV2469633.3
CRB1 isoform II precursorAW0464263.1
Microsomal glutathione S-transferase 3AI843448*2.9
Oxysterol binding protein-like 3AI5914882.9
Bicarbonate transporter SLC4A4 (2)AW1247012.8
Nerve growth factor receptor p75AA0507232.8
FXYD domain ion transport regulator 7AI844246*2.7
Intermediate filament protein Desmuslin (3)AI8524012.7
ELKL motif serine-threonine protein kinase 3AI4300972.6
Actin-binding double zinc finger proteinAI8404032.6
Growth factor receptor bound protein 14 Grb14AW1242212.6
N-chimaerin (2)AI8483762.5
Calcium channel, Cacna2d2AA0089962.4
Synaptotagmyn 1 (2)AW1250932.4
Axonin, (TAG1, contactin 2)AW0496752.3
Calsyntenin 2AI8428812.3
  • Data are given for the relative expression of selected transcripts from amongst approximately 18,000 ESTs represented on the U74Av2 and U74Bv2 arrays.

  • * Affymetrix U74A chip

  • Affymetrix U74B chip

  • Also appears as a known transcript on U74Av2 array

  • § Calculated for increased and decreased transcripts as described in Table 1 and 2, respectively