Table 4.

Relative expression of previously reported Brn3a target genes in the trigeminal ganglia of Brn3a mutant embryos

DescriptionProbe set acc. no.ReferenceWild typeHeterozygoteKnockoutKnockout × heterozygote change call*Knockout/heterozygote ratio
Cell transfection studies
α-internexinL27220 Budhram-Mahadeo et al., 1995 95141072913470I1.26
Neurofilament, heavyM35131 Smith et al., 1997 794807381D0.47
Neurofilament, mediumX05640 Smith et al., 1997 641075037956NC1.06
Neurofilament, lightM55424 Smith et al., 1997 351430561876NC0.61
Synapsin IAF085809 Morris et al., 1996 101581106813351I1.21
SNAP-25M22012 Lakin et al., 1995 197623382359NC1.01
Bcl2L31532 Smith et al., 1998 578612466NC0.76
p53AB021961 Budhram-Mahadeo et al., 2002 533578641NC1.11
Nicotinic AchRα3(§) Milton et al., 1996 -----
Knockout studies
trkAAW124632 Huang et al., 1999 11675133347083D0.53
BDNFX55573 McEvilly et al., 1996 408327433NC1.33
NGF Receptor p75AA050723 McEvilly et al., 1996 274536551107D0.30
ParvalbuminX59382 Ichikawa et al., 2002b 141218081330NC0.74
CalbindinD26352 Ichikawa et al., 2002b 177196302NC1.54
Vanilloid-like receptor 1AB021665 Ichikawa et al., 2002a 582645490NC0.76
  • All of the listed targets have been proposed as positively regulated target genes of Brn3a, and would thus be predicted to have decreased transcript levels in Brn3a knockout mice. The expression values are derived from the same array experiments as Tables 1, 2, 3. Only one experiment is shown, similar results were obtained in both experiments, and complete data appear in Table S1,

  • * Change call values: I, increased, change-p <0.003; NC, no change, 0.003<change-p<0.997; D, decreased, change-p>0.997

  • Absent call. Absent calls in the presence of a strong hybridization signal can result from high background hybridization for a particular set of oligonucleotides on the array. For this reason these results are suggestive of unchaged expression, but are not conclusive

  • U74B chip EST. All others are known transcripts from the U74Av2 array

  • § Not represented on array

  • Measured in late gestation, and may represent selective cell death