Table 1.

OLIG1 and OLIG2 directly bind to ID2 and ID4

Number of colonies
ConstructspBT-OLIG+ pTRG-ID (test)pBT-OLIG+ pTRG (negative control)pBT + pTRG-ID (negative control)
OLIG1 + ID27953
OLIG1 +ID46020
OLIG2 + ID29745
OLIG2 + ID48316
  • Bacterial two-hybrid analyses was carried out to detect possible direct binding using bait vectors pBT-OLIG1 or pBT-OLIG2 and target vectors pTRG-ID2 or pTRG-ID4. The negligible number of colonies in the negative control plates and the large number of colonies in the test plates indicate a positive interaction of OLIG proteins with ID2 and ID4. No interactions were detected with ID1 or ID3 (not shown).