Table 1.

Average cumulative mitotic index (CMI) for a total duration of 72 hours, in different sectors within the meristem

Sectors within the SAMAverage cumulative motitic index (CMI)
P-2 to P-1 (n=3)72.9% (21.3 s.d.; 15.1 s.e.m.)
P-1 to P0 (n=3)67.3% (19.1 s.d.; 11.0 s.e.m.)
P0 to P1 (n=3)68.2% (14.1 s.d.; 12.5 s.e.m.)
P1 to P2 (n=2)69.5% (13.3 s.d.; 7.6 s.e.m.)
P2 to P3193%
IR (n=5)67% (17.2 s.d.; 7.69 s.e.m.)
  • The CMI is taken as number of dividing cells over total number of cells present in individual sectors for a 24 hour interval. The CMI corresponding to the respective stages was then integrated by averaging the CMI observed in individual 24 hour windows and expressed in percentages. Number of respective stages averaged is given in parentheses. The average CMI corresponding to the intervening regions (IR) located between primordial regions is also given. s.d., standard deviation; s.e.m., standard error of mean.