Table 2.

Percent increase in cell number during primordial development over time

P-1 (%)P-2 (%)IR (%)
24 hours171 (12/7)160 (8/5)160 (8/5)
48 hours285 (20/7)300 (15/5)240 (12/5)
72 hours414 (29/7)400 (20/5)380 (19/5)
  • The CMI was calculated only for the progenitor cells in primordial region P-1, P-2 (only five cells that will ultimately constitute a predominant part of the flower bud are considered) and the intervening region (IR) located between them (progenitors for the P-4 region) (Fig. 6A; Fig. 9A,B). The CMI observed in individual sectors during successive 24 hour intervals is expressed as percent increase in cell number over initial number of cells at 0 hours.