Table 1.

Quantification of pir trichome branch length, cell adhesion and hypocotyl elongation phenotypes

Trichome branch length*
Branch 1 (μm)Branch 2 (μm)Branch 3 (μm)Gaps/mm2Hypocotyl length (cm)
Col189.8±22.6§ (n=12)165.9±16.0 (n=12)119.8±30.5 (n=12)0±0 (n=3)1.6±0.11 (n=10)
pir-3 90.9±39.5 (n=12)49.7±19.5 (n=12)25.9±11.5 (n=12)30±9 (n=3)0.8±0.08 (n=10)
dis2-1 47.4±27.8 (n=12)27.7±12.9 (n=12)18.9±8.4 (n=12)9±8 (n=3)0.7±0.08 (n=10)
  • * Length measured from the base to tip along the midline.

  • Gaps are defined as two adjacent pavement cells with a clear region of non-adherence.

  • Hypocotyl length of dark grown seedlings was measured at 7 days after germination.

  • § All measurements are expressed as mean±s.d.