Table 3.

The effect of FrdMO and DprMO on pan-neural and muscle markers

Gene expression (%)
GeneExperimental groupsDose/embryoStagen*UnchangedWeaklyStrongly
sox2 Control MO8 ng10.530907
sox2 FrdMO8 ng10.5312971
sox2 DprMO4 ng10.5344456
sox2 Control MO8 ng13259280
sox2 FrdMO8 ng1331133255
sox2 DprMO4 ng1329382438
sox2 Control MO8 ng191410000
sox2 FrdMO8 ng1918441739
sox2 DprMO4 ng1917351847
nrp1 Control MO8 ng20-211759550
nrp1 FrdMO8 ng20-2126563757
nrp1 DprMO4 ng20-2128322543
nrp1 FrdMO+Frodo8 ng+0.5 ng20-21113444115
nrp1 FrdMO+Frodo8 ng+1 ng20-21100394813
myoD Control MO8 ng14259280
myoD FrdMO8 ng143778148
myoD DprMO4 ng143479615
  • MOs and RNAs were injected into a single right animal-dorsal blastomere of 8- to 16-cell stage embryos. Whole-mount in situ hybridization was carried out with the pan-neural markers sox2 and nrp1, and the muscle marker myoD. The data obtained from two (myoD) or four (sox2 and nrp1) separate experiments are shown.

  • * Number of scored embryos

  • 3% of embryos injected with control MO showed expanded expression of nrp1